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Greenhaven Marketing Corporation - Insurance Brokers

Products for Groups

Annuities / 401-K Programs

Build employee loyalty at a great price
Business Insurance
Key Person Insurance, Buy/Sell funding, Business transitions
Dental Insurance
Any dentist, anywhere
Group Life Insurance
Great rates for groups
Group Medical Insurance
Major medical for employees of the small and large groups
Long Term Disability & Short Term Disability
Plans designed for groups at reduced rates and Guaranteed Acceptance involving minimal underwriting.

Services for Groups

Asset Protection

Work with your business clients to help them protect their assets 


Employer Notification

For changes to HIPPA, ERISA, and the ACA as they pertain to your health and employee benefit programs


Benefits Manual Design

Explanation to employees of all benefits provided by the employer. Showing job values as well as emphasizing the employer's contributions on the employee's behalf.

Carrier Interface/Problem Resolution

Reviewing claims data trends with you for the purpose of negotiating the most favorable rates possible for your benefit programs.


Includes an explanation of the laws, procedure guidelines and timeline, and identifies the eight potential qualifying events.
Marketing Search
Assisting in the design and acting as your representative for the purpose of securing the best possible price for your benefits program.


New Hire/Termination

Coordinate the addition of new employees to your employee benefit plans

Onsite Orientation

Employee meeting to explain Medical Benefits, Dental Insurance, Long & Short Term Disability, Group Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance.




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