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Final Expense Insurance


We offer a wide array of preneed funeral insurance plans to meet your funeral funding goals. We will help you determine which plan best meets your needs and the needs of your family.
Final Expense Planning


The high cost of settling an estate, which can include hospital and doctor bills, outstanding credit, funeral and cemetery expenses, continues to increase. As a result, too many Americans find themselves without adequate financial resources. Sadly, most of them are not even aware that a life insurance policy can cover these expensive obligations. You have worked hard to provide your family with all of life’s necessities. Shouldn’t you also take the worry out of final expenses? Selecting coverage that reflects how much you would like to spend on your services and the right payment plan is all it takes.
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5 Unique Ways to Say Goodbye


1. A Life Appreciation Funeral

A life appreciation service is designed to personalize the more traditional funeral service. One example involved a beloved grandmother whose large weekend meals routinely packed the house with children and grandchildren. In celebration of her passing, a special service was arranged that involved the recreation of such a meal. Family and friends gathered in a banquet room and shared food prepared from grandma’s recipes. As they talked informally, small, personal mementos were given to each person present.

2. Burial at Sea

A slightly more traditional form of distribution involves the scattering of cremated remains at sea. Charter boat service companies will take a family out to sea, where they can hold a brief ceremony and scatter remains over the water. Charter air services are also available to scatter remains from the sky.


3. Sharing Memories

Hoping to share and reflect upon the memories of their deceased mother, one family asked all their loved ones to make a list of the things they remembered most about her. The memories were read aloud at the funeral home as everyone gathered around the departed. At the conclusion of the graveside services, family members released white helium balloons as a symbol of the moving on of her spirit.


4. A Memorial Service at Home

Following the death and funeral of her husband Stan, Margaret Chisman held a special memorial service at her home. Once all her guests arrived, she revealed a table covered with personal items that reflected and exemplified her late husband’s life. Later, Margaret played one of Stan’s favorite songs and invited everyone to share a personal memory or anecdote.


5. An On-line Memorial

A variety of Internet websites and web servers offer new ways to remember the deceased. Depending on your interests, it is possible to create an entire website devoted to a loved one, or to simply post an obituary.

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