Our Mission for Agents

Our goal here at Greenhaven Marketing is to supply a support structure that assists agents in providing insurance products for the diverse needs of their clientele for use.
We  provide our personal assistance and companies to form a successful partnership with the independent agent.

What Do We Provide Our Associates?

  • Niche Products – for Individual as well as Group prospects.  
  • Product Comparisons by company so the product fits your client. i.e. Sales Presentations.
  • Finding markets for the “difficult to issue” client. 
  • Joint calls, or even calls on your behalf. 
  • Product knowledge seminars & continuing education on products we provide.
  • Claim assistance for you and your client as well as all policy service issues.
  • Assistance with late premiums and reinstatements.
  • Assistance with group benefit design, claims, and enrollment.
  • Marketing materials for the companies we represent.
  • Marketing campaigns to help grow your business.
Client Endorsements
“Good long term relationships are becoming scarce in the insurance industry. The InterAgency has worked with Greenhaven Marketing for two decades. During that time, we have prospered from that relationship, as have many
of the agents in the four state area who work through us.”
Jim Holm, President The InterAgency